Sunday, 20 December 2009

Adidas / Facebook / Google Maps / Star Wars mash up - blow up your Facebook friends with a giant Death Star Super Laser!

The Adidas Superskate Mid Stormtrooper is about to arrive:

Adidas Superskate Mid Stormtrooper Star Wars
and to promote this Star Wars inspired range, Adidas have launched a Google Maps / Facebook mashup, 'Death Star Super Laser' here:

Adidas Star Wars Facebook Connect
Users of the 'Adidas Originals application' control a giant Death Star Super Laser that can be used to 'blow up' various streets on Google Maps! Friends can then be targeted either through directly inputting their details or through using the Facebook Connect application integration.

Adidas Star Wars Google Maps Laser targettingTargeting Watford Football Club's Vicarage Road stadium (click for larger image)

The Application can also target general areas based on details entered or by reading IP address:

Adidas Star Wars laser Stockholm targetingAdidas Death Star Super Laser - Target Stockholm!
(click for larger image)

Once started, the Adidas application shows various bits of Star Wars / Death Star footage (including Darth Vader). The laser is then fired (again using Star Wars film footage) followed by the application zooming into Google Maps at the specified location:

Adidas Star Wars Super Laser Google Map
The Death Star Super Laser hits the chosen target:

Adidas Star Wars Death Star Laser impact
and leaves an Adidas imprint stating that 'the Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection' is 'Hitting Your Street in January 2010':

Adidas logo Death Star Super Laser application
This is a great example of mashing movie footage with real world imagery and using Facebook Connect / Google properties to bring the whole thing to life. As with the Guinness 'Bring It To Life' Google Earth example, Google provide the platform and then Facebook Connect sits on top of this, bringing social / friend interaction to the experience - but most of all the Adidas Death Star Super Laser is easy to use, a bit silly and very shareable!

Also makes me wonder if there is anything that won't be Facebook Connect-ed in 2010?

[Hat tip: Mashable]

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They've pushed the boat out on this one!