Monday, 14 December 2009

Google Chrome UK newspaper coverwrap ads [PHOTOS]

Google are advertising Chrome in UK newspapers, but rather than just running ads, Google Chrome has coverwrapped both Metro and City AM. Using the strapline 'Chrome by Google. A fast new browser. Made for everyone', the execution aims to highlight the benefits of Chrome vs other browsers.

Google Chrome City AM newspaper ad front pageGoogle Chrome City AM front cover ad (click for larger image)

Google Chrome City AM newspaper ad coverwrapGoogle Chrome City AM full coverwrap ad (click for larger image)

Google Chrome City AM newspaper ad page 2City AM coverwrap page 2 - 'why browsers are important' and 'why Google built Chrome'
(click for larger image)

Google Chrome newspaper ad page 3City AM coverwrap page 3 - 'why you might use Google Chrome'
(click for larger image)

Google has traditionally relied on Word Of Mouth to promote offerings, so it is interesting to see Chrome being pushed so prominently in 'traditional media' / newspapers - especially coming so soon after Google used print and buses to promote YouTube's new professional content.

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Ryan Fitzgibbon said...

Google have also been projecting giant ads onto the side of Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush.

They were giving away free chocolate advent calenders. All trying to promote Chrome.

Nick Burcher said...

A large format outdoor campaign seems to have launched too - though I would have liked a Google Chrome advent calendar!