Saturday, 19 December 2009

Guinness and Google Earth partner to 'Bring It To Life' online

Guinness have extended their recently launched 'Bring It To Life' campaign through the launch of a Bring It To Life partnership with Google Earth.

Guinness World Google Earth Bring It To LifeGuinness World 'Bring It To Life' partnership with Google Earth

At users are encouraged to participate and are offered the chance to 'Bring Your Own World To Life With Google Earth'.

Visitors can use customised Google Earth technology to create their own planet, then 'Bring It To Life' by selecting terrains and designs for the planets' landscape. Facebook integration allows creations to be shared with Facebook friends and Facebook friends can be invited to co-create and participate in the development of Bring It To Life planets.

Guinness Google Earth Bring It To Life planetGuinness / Google Earth 'Bring It To Life' planet creation

As an added incentive prizes are unlocked as the game progresses and players can win crates of Guinness, with the ultimate winner getting a years supply. (The more diverse the landscapes that are created, the more likely it is that the user will be rewarded with / uncover water droplets hidden in the game - a maximum of 800 water droplets have been hidden and finding all of them unlocks the prizes.)

A nice way of extending the current (epic) TV campaign - another example of the new media world where brands are running more than just big budget TV ads, more and more campaigns are offering consumers the chance to participate and experience them on their own terms too. TV creates awareness, but (to use the Guinness terminology) online is the bit that 'Brings It To Life.'

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