Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sky Movies HD Snow globe on London's South Bank

'Being social' is more than just using social media platforms, it's about creating memorable experiences and doing things that make people talk.

Earlier this year Sky Arts recreated the Pink Floyd 'Dark Side of The Moon' album cover on Primrose Hill in London - spectacular and something that definitely got people talking, especially in the 'Pink Floyd community':

And on Monday night, to promote their family Christmas films, Sky Movies HD created a giant Christmas snow globe on the Thames South Bank in central London. The Grinch was then shown to families inside the globe on a large format HD screen.

There is also a video of the Sky Movies HD Christmas Snow globe on YouTube here:

These Sky stunts may not have the (initial) reach of a mass doordrop or traditional TV / print campaign, but for the people who experienced them these are truly memorable. The real ROI comes from the secondary impacts though. This type of activity has the ability to be amplified by word of mouth, supplementary news coverage, through the YouTube / Flickr views and through people like me posting to Twitter / blogs etc.

Being social is not just about doing something on Facebook, it's about doing something that makes people talk - and the Sky stunts are amongst an ever-growing number of advertiser initiatives designed to create conversation and stimulate positive word of mouth.

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