Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thank you! Here are my highest traffic posts of 2009

2009 has been an interesting year with significant developments online. The phrase 'Web 2.0' seems to have been well and truly replaced by the term 'social media' and my top posts of 2009 seem to reflect this.

Using Google Analytics traffic numbers, here are my top posts of 2009:

JANUARY - The make your own Shepard Fairey image / 'Obama Yourself' application was my highest traffic post in Jan

FEBRUARY - Google Earth shows the location of the 'Lost City Of Atlantis'

MARCH - As Twitter exploded my post on Twitter demographics was my most popular of the month

APRIL - The BMW April Fool 'Magnetic Tow Technology' saw the most visits to this site in April

MAY - My account of the T-Mobile Trafalgar Square 'karaoke flash mob' was my most popular in May

JUNE - (Randomly) a post from 2008 made a come back and became my most popular in June - how to change your Facebook profile to 'Pirate English'

JULY - My quarterly roundup of Facebook usage statistics attracted the most visits (see the December 31st 2009 Facebook usage figures here)

AUGUST - The Cockney Cash Point launched and I found one!

SEPTEMBER - TGI Friday's launched their 'Fan Woody' Facebook promotion and my post was my most visited in September

OCTOBER - Warner re-created the Friends Central Perk coffee shop in London - I visited and this post was my top content in October

DECEMBER - Elf Yourself 2009

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, visited, commented, linked, Dugg, Stumbled, retweeted and Reddit-ed this year - I hope you found the content useful and come back for more in 2010!

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Happy New Year!



MadMenMedia said...

A tremendous year indeed Nick. Look forward to your posts in 2010.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

can you give numbers of facebook users for the Bahamas as of Dec 2009?

Nick Burcher said...

Bahamas Facebook users as at 31st Dec 2009 - 93,680. Hope this helps!