Tuesday, 1 December 2009

YouTube print ad in Guardian newspaper [PHOTO]

YouTube have started advertising in UK newspapers. The Guardian newspaper yesterday carried a YouTube ad highlighting the fact that full length Channel 4 (4OD) TV shows are now available for free on the YouTube platform.

The YouTube newspaper ad states 'with your favourite shows from 4OD..... YouTube's Got TV':

YouTube newspaper print ad Guardian UK 4ODYouTube ad in the Guardian newspaper (click for larger image)

The YouTube newspaper ad pushes to a section of YouTube called 'Shows' (www.youtube.com/shows) and this area features full length 4OD programming as well as clips from shows like the X Factor and YouTube celebrities like FRED.

The Guardian writes that 'the [YouTube shows] section contains more than 5000 videos, of which almost 4000 are full length programmes, amounting to 3000 hours of content.' (This content will then be monetised with advertising.)

The 'YouTube's Got TV' campaign is mooted to be appearing in newspapers, on buses, online ads and will also aim to drive buzz with a 'pop-up shop' display stunt in Covent Garden shortly - a combination of 'Destination' and 'Conversation' activity. The campaign also has some Paid Search activity - searching for 'YouTube TV' produces an ad headlined 'You Tube's Got TV', but strangely searching for 'You Tube's Got TV' appears to have no YouTube paid search ad showing(?)

Google have traditionally shied away from above the line advertising for consumer offerings, instead relying on word of mouth to generate interest. However, YouTube appearing in newspapers and buses is not a regression to the frivilous dotcom advertising at the turn of the century, more recognition of the need to quickly build awareness and audience for the professional content now available.

If YouTube is to be viewed as something other than a place for viewing piano playing cats then this sort of ad campaign is important - however it's interesting to note that the so called 'dying medium' of print is being used to push people into the future!

(and 4OD content on YouTube could be the move that really drives the online video marketplace in the UK.)


YouTube Bus advertising:

YouTube TV advertising on London bus
YouTube TV advertising on London bus2YouTube bus advertising in London

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David Wilding said...

Hello Nick - I did the media planning for this so thanks for picking up on it. As you say the campaign is a way of quickly creating awareness for the new long form offering (which is very good by the way...)

Just on the use of print - we chose specific titles to reach media people (media guardian) and an the right audience in the right environment (metro)rather than selecting "press" specifically.

As ever with these things it's a about ensuring the right campaign rather than focusing too much on what media is dying / trendy

I'd like to think that fewer and fewer campaigns now start with selecting media channels and leaving it to relevant media buyers to simply book a schedule.

Nick Burcher said...

I saw the bus ad last night, and took photos which I will use to update this post shortly.

Totally agree that in today's world it's about buying 'audience.' Obviously it's easiest to do this online using data and targeting ('audience' not 'impressions') but with a bit of thought this can be applied to other areas too. Then a question of the preciseness and optimisation that you can get through digital vs the mass immediate audience you can get through 'traditional media.'

Also thought it was interesting to see YouTube advertising in newspapers, whereas the Sun is using viral content on YouTube to promote it's print products!