Sunday, 17 January 2010

Adidas Originals Star Wars TV spot - Snoop Dogg, Beckham and Darth Vader push to a Facebook Page

After launching the Adidas Star Wars Death Star laser application in December, Adidas are continuing to promote their Star Wars originals range. A star studded TV ad has been created, but, in a break from the category norm, it's not just sports stars who are featured. David Beckham is joined by Darth Vader, Snoop Dogg, DJ Neil Armstrong, Calle 13 and Daft Punk (all set over a remix of the Star Wars 'Imperial March'):

This Adidas Star Wars film has been uploaded to the Adidas Originals YouTube channel and the description explains that 'The most iconic moments and beloved figures from the Star Wars saga are translated to the streets, telling their creative story across a forceful collection of adidas Originals footwear and apparel.'

The Adidas Star Wars YouTube video description links to the Adidas Originals Facebook page rather than an Adidas site / Adidas Microsite. The Adidas Originals Facebook page is also the link detailed on this TV ad too.

I recently created a list of the Top 30 Facebook Fan Pages and wondered how long it would be before a mainstream TV ad directly promoted a Facebook page. We didn't have to wait long and I think this will be one of the key trends this year, brands using Facebook and other third party sites as their Destination rather than a website or micro-site that they have created from scratch. Interesting to see the effect this has on Adidas Facebook Fan numbers going forward and how quickly others follow.

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