Thursday, 7 January 2010

Love Jingles - creating jingles for brands and then seeding them through social media

Love Harnell has launched - the world's first online jingles concept.

Love Harnell - musician, jingle writer and social media entrepreneur behind

Through the lovejingles site Love writes and performs customised online video jingles for brands and individuals then shares them with the world through social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Only 365 jingles are being offered, one for each day of 2010 and prices correspond with the day of the year, for example on 1st of Jan a jingle costs $1, 2nd of Jan costs $2 and 31st Dec costs $365.

The first quarter of the year is almost sold out and jingles are going live daily. Some big brands have signed up for forthcoming performances (eg Yahoo!) and so far we have seen:

(A demo for) Red Bull:

with the first official jingle being for Swedish car pool company:

Everything is then pulled together on the lovejingles YouTube channel, the LoveJingles blog, Lovejingles Twitter account and more.

This initiative probably won't deliver mass reach, but it's quirky, fun and if nothing else provides SEO inlinks - and with a total spend of $7 to be today's jingle it probably has a good ROI too!

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Anonymous said...

funny stuff indeed... he wrote one for our beers hosted on

Radio Ads said...

Rocking style, i just love your ideas.

Jingles said...

Fun stuff. From one pro to another!