Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Banksy 'Lambeth Palace' - pop-up cinema in Waterloo tunnel for 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' film screenings

We've seen pop-up shops, now, for the premiere of the new Banksy film 'Exit Through The Gift Shop', London has a pop-up cinema underneath Waterloo station!

'Exit Through The Gift Shop' will get its first London screenings in the makeshift theatre on Leake Street in South London, complete with 'red carpet' that has been painted on the roadside:

Banksy Lambeth Palace underground cinema Waterloo Exit Through The Gift ShopBanksy 'Lambeth Palace' pop up cinema (click for larger image)

Banksy has named this cinema 'Lambeth Palace' and writes that it 'is a makeshift 150 seat auditorium in a tunnel under Waterloo train station with popcorn stall, lounge bar and stunning temporary toilet facilities.' Furthermore Banksy describes the Lambeth Palace as London's newest darkest, and dirtiest purpose built cinema ('*Cineworld Edmonton not included.')

Screenings of 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' will run until 4th March when the Banksy film gets full UK release.

The Independent write that 'The foyer boasts a few of Banksy's latest artworks. Against one brick wall, effigies of the Queen and Prince Philip are seen unveiling a big white anarchist sign. On another is a big Hollywood-style sign for production company, Paranoid Pictures. In a corner is a fake bonfire, burning a selection of 18th- and 19th-century paintings, portraits of Napoleon and Queen Victoria among them. There is an ice-cream van from which a youngish man with a goatee beard serves popcorn and soda.'

Film viewers are also apparently given a can of spray paint as a leaving gift!

When Avatar was released the posters told people to 'Experience Avatar in 3D.' Watching Banksy's 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' in a Banksy themed tunnel underneath Waterloo station will bring this film to life, with the props and setting allowing viewers to have more of a 'Banksy experience' than they would have watching it in a standard cinema. It's also a recipe for Conversation - and a quick Twitter Search confirms that the 'Lambeth Palace' news has already got people talking.........

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