Friday, 19 February 2010

Craig Bellamy Man City viral campaign - spoilt by training ground 'bust-up'?

Manchester City have been running ad activity to promote key games against the Premiership's so called 'Big Four.'

- Manchester United were the target for the Carlos Tevez 'Welcome To Manchester' poster displayed in Manchester at the start of the season

- a huge image of Emmanuel Adebayor was printed onto the floor of Manchester's Arndale Shopping Centre to promote the visit of Arsenal

- Sean Wright-Phillips was pictured on Manchester walls with speed marks behind him to draw attention to the forthcoming Manchester City v Chelsea match

- and for the visit of Liverpool on Sunday, Manchester City have created a Craig Bellamy viral:

This film is hosted on a YouTube channel called 'iwillgivemyall' and on the City website here. Furthermore, the viral is complemented by a billboard that shows Bellamy as half man / half beast and uses the phrase 'the harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.'

However, Bellamy has been rumoured to have been involved in a 'furious bust-up' with Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini yesterday. The Sun reports that this led to Mancini snapping 'I want you to leave now. And do not come back for three months.'

The perils of topical virals - 'events, dear boy, events.' Maybe Bellamy won't be giving his all on Sunday after all...............

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