Saturday, 20 February 2010

Facebook pages promoted with TV ads and offline media - Smirnoff, Lynx Twist and Malibu

More and more advertisers are using traditional media to drive traffic to their Facebook Fan Pages - promoting their Facebook Fan Page as their primary Destination, rather than promote their website or a microsite.


Smirnoff have recently launched a UK TV ad which is tagged with their Facebook Fan Page address:

Extraordinary Night's Dream
Video embed of Smirnoff ad

Smirnoff TV ad with Facebook Fan Page addressLast frame in Smirnoff ad - clearly showing Facebook address


In December Malibu used posters to promote their Malibu Dance Night and all tickets / registration was through their Facebook page (which was the only web address promoted on their posters.)

Malibu 'Mish Mash' poster promotes Facebook Fan Page

Malibu 'Mish Mash' poster promotes Malibu Facebook Page

Lynx Twist

Lynx have socialised their latest campaign for Lynx Twist. Aimed at young men the TV and outdoor promotes the Lynx Facebook Fan Page, where users can then interact with Keeley:

Lynx Twist Poster promoting Lynx Facebook Fan Page

Lynx Twist Facebook Fan Page poster (close up)
Lynx Twist outdoor posters promoting Lynx Effect Facebook Fan Page

To date the most prominent examples of traditional media executions tagged with a Facebook address are targeted towards younger audiences. The Fan Pages that are being promoted are well set up and regularly updated, with lots of things for Fans to do - Lynx offer an interactive Keeley game, Smirnoff promote club nights and discussion etc.

It's not just a question of promoting the Facebook Destination though, it's a two stage process. Stage one is getting people to the page, stage two is keeping them as Fans - the page needs to be interesting when people arrive and then constantly updated to keep Fans engaged.

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ankurbatla said...

now a days social media sites are more popular and is no.1 social media platform.
So, this is the best platform to promote their product !!

IrishRaven said...

Think this makes perfect sense. With traditional media costs coming down it makes sense to be in front of as many eyeballs as possible. TV ads and Billboard ads will have an expiry date, get those eyeballs to your fan pages and you can followers forever!

Eric said...

Thanks for this post, Nick. Your final point is the most salient - driving people to your social network spaces is one thing but keeping them there, interacting with them, making them interested, that's the gold.