Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Google Buzz - Gmail adds social network functionality [VIDEOS]

Google have launched Google Buzz - effectively turning Gmail into a social networking platform.

According to the BBC there are 170 million regular Gmail users so this new Google Buzz service could turn into a big rival for Facebook, Twitter and the other status update / info sharing social platforms. Google Buzz supports public and private messaging, is an 'open' platform, has a slick mobile application for Android phones and is integrated with existing social sites and Google profiles.

Google Buzz is gradually being rolled out over the next few days and as soon as it is active on my Gmail I will post some screenshots / analysis - so I'm hoping that it is easier to use than Google Wave!

In the meantime, Google explain more on the Official Google Blog here, and the Google Buzz YouTube videos below:

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renantech said...

Google buzz improve features you can also add social features to any products you want. This is great for building social apps. Google Buzz is really amazing. Sikat ang Pinoy

Unknown said...

Wow amazing!Google is becoming more and more popular day by day by adding such helpful social media services.Google Buzz for Mobile will essentially be a competitor to services like Foursquare and Gowalla, allowing users to check in by updating their Buzz status with a Google Maps link to their location. You'll be able to do this right from Google's mobile home page, and Google is also releasing a Web application for Google Buzz that will work on iPhones and Android phones.Ne ways i like your post and so i will keep visiting often.

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social media expert said...

Google Buzz could quickly become the most popular location-based service on the Internet.