Monday, 8 February 2010

Google Parisian Love Superbowl ad

After using newspapers / buses to advertise YouTube, and billboards / newspaper wraps to advertise Google Chrome, last night Google ran their first Superbowl commercial.

The Google Superbowl ad is the story of 'Parisian Love' and long distance relationships. It's not new (having been uploaded to YouTube on 19th November) but it is elegant way of getting across the different capabilities of Google and the way it enhances our lives:

Originally uploaded to YouTube as part of a series of films called 'SearchStories', other examples of Google 'ads' / branded content around this theme can be seen below:

Search Stories: Mad to Live

Search Stories: Potholes

Search Stories: Out Of Office

See the full selection on the Search Stories YouTube channel.

After relying purely on word of mouth for so long, it's interesting to see Google embracing 'traditional' channels like TV, print and outdoor to get their message across - though I think they chose the best of the 'Search stories' to feature as their Superbowl ad!

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