Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Google Winter Olympics 2010 - 5 ways to experience Vancouver through Google

Google are running a number of initiatives to help enhance the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics:

1) Vancouver Winter Olympics OneSearch Box

Typing any variant of 'Winter Olympics', 'Vancouver', 'Olympics 2010' etc into the Google Search Engine produces an up to date medals table as the first (natural) result:

Google Vancouver Olympics 2010 OneSearch box Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics OneSearch Box
(click for larger image)

2) Google Maps / Google Earth 3D view of Vancouver Winter Olympics venues

Google Maps and Google Earth have 3D Vancouver views embedded into them. Users can look for a venue or click through to it from Google event listings. There is then the option to look at the venue on a Google Map or 'See it in 3D'. Users can then zoom in, spin round and explore. Here is Whistler Creek:

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Google 3D Maps Earth imageryGoogle 3D images of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics venues - here is Whistler Creek
(click for larger image)

3) Google Street View of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics courses

Google Maps also has the option to 'see it on Street View'. Google have photographed extensively around Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics venues, but have also photographed the pistes and the various Olympics courses. This means Street View users are able to explore every inch of every track and course. This view was taken from one of the scenes around Whistler:

Google Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Street ViewVancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Google Street View from Whistler

and if you want to know how Google got Street View pictures from around the venues, then the following video highlights the specially adapted Google Street View Vancouver snow mobile:

4) iGoogle Vancouver Winter Olympics gadget

An embeddable Winter Olympics iGoogle gadget brings all of the up to date info to your iGoogle homepage (though I'm not sure about the choice of fonts on the install page!)

iGoogle gadget Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010iGoogle Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics gadget (click for larger image)

5) Google Maps Favorite Places

Google Maps have created a special series of 'Favorite Places' for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Google Maps feature the Vancouver choices of a range of different people - from medalists to the Premier of British Columbia.

Google Maps Favorite Places Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010Google 2010 Vancouver Favorite Places

A really nice selection of Google tools and features that can be used to enhance the experience of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Details of these and further Google Olympics offerings (eg YouTube, real time search and Picassa) can be found at the Google Olympics site at www.google.com/games10, the Official Google blog here or the Google LatLong blog here.

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