Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Jedward - Ice Ice Baby takes over the internet!

(The magnificent) Jedward have released their first official single, their mashup of Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby - and they even have a guest appearance from Vanilla Ice himself(!):

Not content with just a YouTube video though, Jedward have launched a Planet Jedward official YouTube channel..........but this is just the tip of the iceberg........

There is also:

- a Planet Jedward official site
- a Planet Jedward Twitter account @planetjedward
- a Planet Jedward MySpace
- a Planet Jedward Bebo profile
- and a Planet Jedward Facebook page here

Wherever possible these profiles have links to a wide range of different download sites where fans can buy the new Jedward track.

This is all very slick and well executed, with strong imagery, widespread distribution of content and tailoring to each venue. The Planet Jedward Facebook page is a good example of this as it currently encouraging Facebook users to change their middle name to 'Jedward' - and leaving a comment on the Jedward Fan Page will then result in 3 randomly selected winners receiving personal video messages from the Jedward boys.

The Jedward juggernaut may have only just started rolling, but, with this much activity on social sites, it seems likely to pick up speed quickly!

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