Thursday, 11 February 2010

PUMA Hardchorus Valentine's Day viral - love vs football

This year the 14th February, Valentine's Day, falls on a Sunday.

For men everywhere this presents a dilemma - love or football. Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona, Manchester City vs Liverpool, Napoli vs Inter or romance with a loved one?

PUMA HardChorus love or football dilemmaThe PUMA Hardchorus Valentine's Day dilemma (click for larger image)

PUMA have recognised this dilemma, 'They want to be in your arms. You want to be in the stands', and have created the PUMA HardChorus. A crowd of football supporting men, assembled in a pub sing 'Truly Madly Deeply', which football fans can send to their loved ones - whilst they enjoy the game:

PUMA HardChorus Fan singing photoPUMA HardChorus singers (click for larger image)

The videos are in English and Italian and can be accessed through or seen on YouTube below:

PUMA HardChorus English version:

PUMA HardChorus Italian version:

Accessing these videos through the PUMA HardChorus site allows them to be shared with friends and loved ones through email, whilst the integration of Facebook Connect allows the PUMA HardChorus videos to be personalised and easily posted to Facebook walls:

PUMA HardChorus Facebook Connect and email sharingPUMA HardChorus sharing options - Facebook Connect and email (click for larger image)

There will also be a range of other activity to bring the PUMA HardChorus and the love=football message to life.

[Disclaimer: PUMA is a client of ZenithOptimedia, a part of VivaKi]

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