Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Chatroulette French Connection Challenge - FCUK jump in to the Chatroulette hype

The hottest thing on the internet right now is Chatroulette. Created by 17 year old Moscow student Andrey Ternovskiy towards the end of 2009, Chatroulette allows webcam users to randomly connect and chat with other webcam users from across the world. You just plug in your webcam and microphone, go to the Chatroulette site and click 'Play' - you are then connected to another Chatroulette webcam user who you can see on screen (and if you don't like them you can click 'Next' and be instantly connected to someone else.)

Mainstream news services don't seem to be fans - Fox News calling Chatroulette a 'Predators Paradise', the Daily Mail saying 'the experience of being beamed into a stranger's bedroom [via Chatroulette] feels intrusive and unsettling and has worrying implications for teenagers' and the Times likening the Chatroulette experience to 'being trapped in a darkened Tube carriage for an hour with a bunch of exhibitionist nonentities who were either painfully amused with themselves, or exposing their genitals, or staring back in ominous, glazed fashion.'

Whilst there are concerns, Chatroulette is what people (especially younger audiences) seem to be doing, with 543,000 images returned for a Google Image Search on "Chatroulette" and Alexa traffic stats showing a traffic increase of +174,000% across the last 3 months, with now ranked within the top 4000 websites in the world:

Chatroulette Alexa traffic statistics
Chatroulette traffic statistics from Alexa (click for larger image)

Furthermore, celebrities now appear to be taking to Chatroulette with Fox News reporting on Chris Brown, Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Ashton Kutcher using Chatroulette, whilst the Jonas Brothers also logged on to Chatroulette recently causing surprise and delight to the crowd of girls gathered on the linking Webcam:

Celebrity endorsement drove Twitter reach and with the hype (and growing usage) that Chatroulette is getting it was inevitable that a brand would jump in - and through their MANIFESTO blog French Connection have launched 'CHALLENGE: CHAT ROULETTE.'

Under the strapline 'Going where no manly man has gone before' French Connection have challenged fans - 'Can you prove yourself by venturing into the most terrifying terrain on the internet to seduce a woman?'

French Connection describe Chatroulette as 'a world of middle-aged exhibitionists' and point out that the challenge they have set is one of 'fiendish difficulty' as in their experience it can 'take an hour plus to find an actual, real life woman' - the following graphic is used to illustrate the difficulty (!):

French Connection Chatroulette challenge graphic

However, successful French Connection Chatroulette participants, who copy and paste the chat log as proof, will be given 'a token for a real life date-winning outfit: A French Connection voucher for £250' and will have their efforts showcased on the French Connection Manifesto blog. (This competition has also just been opened up to women - but they will still have to 'seduce a lady.')

Promoted via blog with vouchers as the prize and Conversation as the driver, this is a low cost way of capitalising on Chatroulette buzz and is in line with the edgy / FCUK type positioning of French Connection (the word 'Connection' also seems to work well in this context.) Interesting to see what happens.......

(hat tip Rax Rax Rax)

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chatxroulette said...

a voir ! direct! le buzz du x sur chatxroulette

random roulet said...

Wow sure love how chatroulette is still so popular even after soo long. Just keeps growing.