Friday, 5 March 2010

Chicane try viral - 'Come Back & Stay' on YouTube - music video or 'branded content?'

Chicane have produced some epic dance tracks over the last 10 years, a kind of chilled trance sound with accompanying moody videos such as:

'Poppiholla' from 2009 (note preceded by a 40 second promotional ad)

and 1999 hit 'Saltwater' (sampling Clannad and subsequently used in ads for Visit Ireland):

However, for new release 'Come Back & Stay' Chicane have taken a different approach to their video - rather than black & white and arty, Chicane have gone for humour and viral. The video can be embedded and seems tailored to the YouTube generation - the sound is unmistakably Chicane, but the video execution shows how times have changed!

Based on the Paul Young 80's hit, the new Chicane video is headlined 'Hi Babes..... Please COME BACK & STAY xXx' whilst the description explains 'It broke my heart when we split up. So, I've made you this video to show how much I love you and I want you to come back & stay!!'

Music video sales pitch or branded content awareness driver? With the official release of 'Come Back & Stay' not until 12th April, it will be interesting to see how many views this gets / if this approach delivers a bigger hit than the previous tracks that have been backed with the traditional Chicane approach to videos?

[Hat tip Digital Examples]

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