Friday, 12 March 2010

Cyriak - 'Cycles', Worthing and Teddy Bears - the makings of a viral hit?

This week everyone seems to have been talking about the new YouTube video from OK Go for 'This Too Shall Pass' . This follows the original OK Go video that featured performing on treadmills and continues the trend of 'video that causes Conversation = attention and hit potential.'

Then today I stumbled across something else that follows this kind of principle, but takes it to another level.

To promote the new track 'Cycles' Cyriak has used Adobe After Effects software to produce a video that features Worthing Sea Front, rampaging teddy bears and lots of cars:

The track used is also called 'Cycles' and is available to download on this link

So will this go viral and help Cyriak score a hit or is it just too random?

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