Saturday, 27 March 2010

Earth Hour 2010 - lights off tonight #earthhour

Tonight is Earth Hour night. People, businesses and iconic buildings all around the world are switching off their lights for an hour at 8.30pm local time to draw attention to the environment and climate change.

Earth Hour
Last year saw hundreds of millions of people across 3,000 cities and towns in 83 countries participate and the hope is that this year's event can be even bigger.

Earth Hour is organised by the WWF and they have produced a number of resources to help people get involved:

- sign-up to the Earth Hour campaign here:

- visit the Earth Hour YouTube channel here:

- get an Earth Hour blog widget here:

- for other ways to get involved in Earth Hour see the link here:

The WWF are also encouraging people to tweet about their Earth Hour experience using the hashtag #earthhour as well as uploading photos and videos to other social channels.

Exciting to see if the Earth Hour event can be even bigger than last year!

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