Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Facebook usage statistics - March 2010 (with 12 month increase figures)

I have been publishing Facebook usage statistics by quarter for a while now. Total number of Facebook users has now passed 400m and it still seems to be growing almost everywhere. The table below shows the top 30 countries by number of active Facebook users (leave a comment if you want to know statistics for other countries.)

Here are the Top 30 countries with highest number of Facebook users (31st March 2010 - data from Facebook):

RankCountryNumber of Facebook users March 2009Number of Facebook users 31st March 201012 month growth %
24Hong Kong1,686,0202,865,70070%
28South Africa1,385,3402,485,96079.5%
29Czech Rep444,1202,421,720446%

[*figures are taken from Facebook and then compared to Facebook usage statistics lists that I have previously compiled (allowing the 12 month comparisons.)]

As always, if you want to know the latest Facebook usage statistics for another country, leave a comment in the post below and I will post the relevant Facebook user statistics data.

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Vladhnews said...

Excelent statistics. can You tell me please how many users are from Romania and how many users are in total all over the world, i know they've passed 400m mark but how many exactly

Thank You


alex weetch said...

Germany in possition 13. Sure puts an end to worrying about using fb for campaigns in de.

Alina said...

This may sound strange...but i am also interested on Romania figures.

Kenix said...


Do you have the stats for Singapore? & Source?

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi you were quite silent about Nigeria. I know 2008 figures showed Nigeria was number one on the net in Africa but number 5 on Facebook. I'm itching to see the latest face book figures cause there has been an upsurge in internet penetration per citizen.

aan said...

wow incredible

visitme at:

riat said...

Hi there!

Really helpful statistics. Would you have access to Facebook Stats for how many pages views and uniques visits, etc for the Philippines? Thanks a lot!

james said...

Hi Nick,

Great stats. V helpful post!

I'm interested in the growth across Asia. Do you have access to these stats?

If so I'm mainly interested in current total numbers and growth since same time last year.


Unknown said...

Do you have figures for Saudi Arabia?

Nick Burcher said...

On 31st March 2010:

Romania - 1,025,800 Facebook users
Singapore - 2,012,200 Facebook users
Nigeria - 1,136,260 Facebook users
Saudi Arabia - 1,893,820 Facebook users

Figures are based on actual number of users by country rather than on page views or panel findings.

All data sourced from Facebook

NB I only have user number data - no page view stats or demographic breakdowns

Anonymous said...


Excellent work!

I´d appreciate if you give us data for Austria, China, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Senegal and Switzerland.



Unknown said...

thanks, i m writing a paper about facebook and your statistics really help me. can you tell me please how many Facebook users are in Slovakia? thanks a lot

Valon said...


Can you post stats about Albania

Chris said...

Hi, love the stats, really good. I would like to know usage statistics for Holland please.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a big leap for the Philippines! Its true that the Philippines had only realized the Beauty of Facebook on the second half of 2009. Haha. Facebook created a phenomenon here in the Philippines. So phenomenal that it was even used for politics.


Nick Burcher said...

Facebook users in Netherlands = 2,292,600 (at 31st March 2010)

Facebook users in Albania = no data

Facebook users in Slovakia = 1,362,060 (at 31st March 2010)

Nick Burcher said...

Facebook users (as at 31st March 2010):

Austria = 1,932,120
China = 61,940
Hungary = 1,016,480
Japan = 962,620
Norway = 2,221,360
Peru = 1,943,000
Portugal = 1,969,040
Russia = 906,440
Senegal = no data
Switzerland = 2,131,620

Unknown said...

Hi Nick, stats for Finland, please.

Agnes said...

do you have stats for the Facebook users in Indonesia?

Hope it won't be too much if I ask for 12 month figures (Mar 09 - Mar 10).

Thanks much before... That's so kind of you ..

Agnes said...

do you have stats for the Facebook users in Indonesia?

Hope it won't be too much if I ask for 12 month figures (Mar 09 - Mar 10).

Thanks much before... That's so kind of you ..

trinidarlin said...

Hi Nick. I would appreciate if I can get stats for Trinidad and Tobago. Thanks much.

Nick Burcher said...

Hi Agnes, Indonesia is number 3 on the chart and it shows figures for 2009 and 2010!

Nick Burcher said...

Hi Mikko, Finland had 1,649,300 active Facebook users at the end of March 2010.

Nick Burcher said...

Trinidad & Tobago had 296,380 active Facebook users at the end of March 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,
Could you please post the latest stats for following African Countries -
Kenya, Uganda, SA, Botswana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Namibia, Ghana, Mozambique, madagascar,Zambia and Malawi.

Unknown said...

Singapur please

Nickbonobo said...

If you want to have the latest figures for every countries in the world, just check the following blog :


M2E said...

thanks for the info, where i can find this statistic?

Carlos Toriello said...

This is amazing. Would you be able to post data for Belize? Usage numbers and growth over last 12 months would be fantastic!

It seems to be growing really rapidly for such a small country, but not sure.

OceanPond said...

How many FB users in Bangladesh?

Anonymous said...

These are great statistics Nick, could you tell me the number of FB users in Jamaica?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, very useful info!!
I would like to use the info in my placement project for uni but need to properly reference it, although can't find this info under statistics on the FB site.
Do you know of a direct link or something similar?
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Dmitry said...

Hi! what is the up-to-date data for Ukraine? And what is Ukraine's place?

Unknown said...

Your information is very helpful. I am doing a research for a SME company in UK and need to know the statistics for the South Yorkshire region. Is it possible to get this? I tried all other means and found yours. I need them ASAP as my report is due soon.

Thank you

RASH said...

Thank you so much for the insightful information. I would really appreciate it if you can provide me with the latest data about Qatar.. Thank you again and keep up the good work! Regards from Doha Qatar

Unknown said...


I want to know update facebook usage statisic of south east asia. - Thank you


Anonymous said...

and what about Azerbaijan's stats?

Unknown said...

Can you please provide the information about the usage statistics for Croatia?

Unknown said...

hi, where can I find all the data? I would like to know since the seem less rich that the data you have! :-)

Ado said...

Hi I am interesting in stats for SLOVAKIA.

Sebastian said...

cant see China anywhere around, nor India........

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how many local city governments were on facebook in the US. Can you give statistics for that?

Aristo said...

Can you post stats regarding the following countries:

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you get these stats?

tumbleweed in space said...

hi could we get stats for Singapore? thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi nick,
do you have any FaceBook users in Kuwait? How about twitter users in Kuwait?

Anonymous said...

China has just a few Facebook users. I wonder why. Is it forbidden there?

ZSG1 said...

Hi Nick,

Great stats you have here. Any chance of you posting the New Zealand usage stats? And if you have the age groups could you please post those too?


Linda Larbie said...


how many facebook users do we have in african currently

Huong Pinky Vu said...

Excellent! Could you please tell me how many FB users are in Vietnam?

Fidel said...

Hi Nick,

Where do you get this data from?


Unknown said...

Hi, Can you tell me The Facebook usage statistics in Thailand from 2005 - Present, please.

chantal said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the helpful stats!
Do you maybe also have usage statistics for Facebook chat, split up by country?

Thank you in advance!

Regards, Chantal

Unknown said...

Hey can u provide some financial data also....hw Facebook is making money.... Apart for adds .....

Nick Burcher said...

I have just posted the latest Facebook Usage statistics by country for July 2010 figures are compared to July 2009 and July 2008.

Please leave all questions about other countries on this new post.

Anonymous said...

Any idea Where the Netherlands fits into your list.. I thought it had c. 3.3m?


Nikita said...

hi nick...i wanted data on age and gender wise facebook usage in India for my research work can u plz do me d need full as early as possible..thanks...

Anonymous said...

colOmbia... with an "O"....

Anonymous said...

stats are really nice can u post the data for india at this time also is it possible for u to tell the agegroup and usage pattern of users in india or where can we get this data. if u can mail this to me at it wld be reallly cool.

Anonymous said...

stats are really nice can u post the data for india at this time also is it possible for u to tell the agegroup and usage pattern of users in india or where can we get this data. if u can mail this to me at it wld be reallly cool.

Greg said...

Hello Nick,

Please post latest FB figures for Mozambique,Lesotho, Swaziland....

Appreciate your help.

Anonymous said...

statistic for China??

Tahir said...

Hi there nick,

you've done an excellent job with publishing these facebook usage figures. I would really appreciate if you could tell me the figure for Pakistan, in 2010. Thanxxx

'kola said...

Hello Nick,

Please could you provide me with the latest statistics on FB in all African countries comparing 2007 to 2010?

Thank you very much.

Unknown said...


Do you know where I could find figures like these for FB since its inception. I'm writing a paper and need to show how it grew year on year.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ceara said...

Hi Nick,
Could you please let me know the statistics for all nations - percentage of users per nation? Am doing a piece of research on visual media. It may be easier to email me. Let me know. Thanks.

Nick B said...

Latest Facebook usage statistics by country now published here (April 2011)

annoula said...

I'm interested in facebook users for the following African countries if you have them:
Ivory Coast

Would be a great help, thanks