Monday, 15 March 2010

Heineken - AC Milan v Real Madrid classical music / poetry stunt

Heineken ran a stunt event around the AC Milan v Real Madrid Champions League match - aiming to highlight that 'the most sacred moment guys have left is watching football with friends' before stating that 'as time goes by, that moment is increasingly at risk.'

So Heineken decided to remind people of this on the night of a key Champions League match by creating a fake poetry / classical music event - at the same time as the game. 200 accomplices (including girlfriends, professors etc) were recruited by Heineken to secretly persuade / cajole over 1000 AC Milan fans to attend the event rather than watch the football.

The Heineken poetry / classical music concert then starts and..... see for yourself on the video below:

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Unknown said...

having goose bumps :-)

Anonymous said...

Just the kind of dirty trick played by the people who brew a beverage worse than dog's piss.

sammy wammy said...

there must have been a few blokes there that thought "if I was that bothered about the football I wouldn't have come"and the others thought I'd have rather been with my mates. Not had to watch it with my manipulative girlfriend.