Saturday, 6 March 2010

Lego Star Wars stop motion - 'The Force Unleashed'

Lego stop motion films seem to be getting more common and more spectacular. We've seen Michael Jackson 'Thriller in Lego', a Visit Denmark Lego film, the '8 bit trip' Lego stop animation film and 'Lego Does The Matrix.'

Now 'fancypants' has uploaded a Lego Star Wars film to YouTube in responseto a Lego stop motion challenge on - the aim to use stop motion filming to make 'the coolest lightsaber duel possible' (blaster / lightsaber effects were then added with photoshop.)

The result is this spectacular Lego Star Wars film, 'The Force Unleashed', which is starting to attract large numbers of views on YouTube:

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1 comment:

Rennell said...

Wow, This is really a cool Film. The action was a combination of Matrix and Star wars. I guess it really took a lot of effort to do this. Thanks.It was really entertaining.


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