Sunday, 14 March 2010

New Blogger Templates launched (#newbloggertemplate)

One of the frustrations with using Blogger as a blogging platform has been the limited number of blog design templates available. Various designers have offered different versions independently but the core options contained within Blogger have traditionally been limited - hence the huge number of similar blog backdrops.

WordPress, Typepad etc have allowed for more options and design customisation, resulting in many (especially 'professional blogs') choosing them as blog platforms of choice. However, new Blogger Templates have now (finally) been launched, bringing the same kind of design options to Blogger too. With Blogger as the dominant blogging platform, these changes should start to encourage more diversity in blog design.

The stock Blogger templates now give options for:

- 15 new, highly customisable templates split into 4 categories - Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc and Watermark
- One, two, and three column layouts with easily adjustable column widths
- 'hundreds of background images and patterns' available through iStock Photo

More information is at and through the official launch post here.

For the time being to access the new designs you have to login to instead of The new designs are available under 'Layout' and then 'Template Designer.'

Bloggers are being encouraged to tweet about their new layouts with the hashtag #newbloggertemplate (see here).

I'm determined to update the layout of this blog soon (suggestions welcome), but feel free to leave links to your redesigned blogs in the comments here too.

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mazhar said...

beautiful template