Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Nick Burcher - Swedish Hero!

In the UK the BBC is kept ad free as it has a public service remit that is funded by a licence fee that everyone has to pay. In Sweden the same situation applies with public service broadcasting - Sveriges Television, Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Utbildningsradio are kept ad free and paid for by a public licence fee.

Radiotjänst is the body entrusted to collect these fees and to encourage people to pay, the Swedish Hero viral film was created. This was fully personalisable (if this word doesn't exist then it should), integrated with Facebook / Twitter etc and was simple to adapt and pass on. As a result it gained 14 million unique visits in 8 weeks (the total population of Sweden is 9.2m people......)

The original site has now been disabled, but here is my own Swedish Hero film:

Sweden point out the positives that come out of paying the licence fee and say 'thank you' to those that have paid, British TV licensing take a different approach - 'Evaders will pay......'

Swedish carrot or UK stick?

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