Thursday, 4 March 2010

Tropicana bring the Sun to Arctic Canada - and drive people to their Facebook Page

In Canada Tropicana have been running activity to promote Tropicana Essentials, its new juice with added calcium and Vitamin D. The hook has been that Tropicana is 'Canada's National Provider of Brighter Mornings.'

Tropicana also used a stunt to get people talking.

Inuvik is a Canadian town of around 3,500 people situated 200km north of the Arctic Circle. This location means that in the depth of winter Inuvik lies in perpetual darkness for several weeks, however, in keeping with the idea of providing 'brighter mornings', Tropicana decided to brighten up Inuvik's day.

On January 8th 2010 Tropicana floated a 36 foot wide helium balloon above Inuvik and then lit it up so that it produced 100,000 lumens of light. This giant, man-made sun brought Inuvik a brighter morning and provided the basis for the current Tropicana Essentials TV ad:

The ad is the latest to drive viewers to a Facebook page rather than a website address -

Tropicana Canada Facebook artificial sun pageTropicana TV ad / video tagged with Facebook Page address

The Tropicana Canada Facebook page has a separate tab for 'The Arctic Sun' which displays the thinking behind the campaign, 3 HD videos (including behind the scenes footage) and promises 'What you'll find here in the coming days is an account of everything that went into bringing a brighter morning to the tiny arctic town of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories' with Tropicana also encouraging Facebook users to post 'your thoughts, pictures and videos letting us know what makes your mornings bright!'

Furthermore, Tropicana are supporting community based programs (Sir Alexander Mackenzie School, Tot Spot Daycare and the Inuvik Food Bank) and distributed 1,200 free cartons of Tropicana juice to local residents around the Arctic Sun stunt.

Traditional campaign + stunt + social amplification + ongoing discussion at Tropicana Canada Facebook Page = engaging activity across the consumer journey, though it hasn't stopped one Facebook user commenting on the Tropicana wall that 'the Arctic Sun' campaign reminds him of this previous TV ad for Nestle D'Onofrio.......

(hat tip Cream Global)

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