Friday, 19 March 2010

Wispa newspaper ads drive traffic to Wispa Facebook Fan Page

This morning's Metro newspaper featured 4 individual ads for (Cadbury chocolate bar) Wispa on the corners of a double page spread:

Wispa Metro 4 ad spreadMetro spread with 4 Wispa ads (click for larger image)

Each of the ads had a slightly different creative, but on closer inspection there was a common theme - they all promoted Wispa's Facebook page.

Ad 1 - Chocolatetatious features the caption 'SEAN - join him and the 810,820 others at':

Wispa Metro Chocolateatious Facebook adMetro Wispa ad 1 (click for larger image)

Ad 2 - Yumtastic - 'Michelle - join her and the 810,820 others at'

Wispa Metro Yumtastic Facebook adMetro Wispa ad 2 (click for larger image)

Ad 3 - Wisperific - 'Sam - join her and the 810,820 others at'

Wispa Metro Wisperific Facebook adMetro Wispa ad 3 (click for larger image)

Ad 4 - Wonderbubble - 'Ashleigh - join her and the 810,820 others at'

Wispa Metro Wonderbubble Facebook adMetro Wispa ad 4 (click for larger image)

* The ads also note that 'We checked our fan numbers on 05/03/2010'

This is another example of a brand using paid media to drive traffic to their 'Owned media' Destination. We have seen Smirnoff, Tropicana and TGI Fridays using TV to drive their Facebook pages whilst Malibu and Lynx promoted their Facebook pages through outdoor and Dance Flick used Search.

This is the first time though that I can recall a brand using newspapers to promote a Facebook account - interesting to see if it works, but promotion of a Fan Page through paid traditional advertising is definitely a trend that seems to be becoming more prominent.

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