Thursday, 1 April 2010

BMW Political Roundel - April Fools Day ad 2010

BMW have a history of running April Fools Day advertising in UK newspapers and for April Fools Day 2010 they have announced the 'BMW Political Roundel Attachment tag'!


Under the headline 'Show Your True Colours This Election' the 2010 BMW April Fools Day ad says:

"Soon, the country goes to the polls, so BMW is giving you the chance to personalise your car depending on your political view. This unique and limited edition accessory is available in the colours of all major UK parties. What's more it can be replaced in a matter of seconds, which is great news for the floating voter. And in the event of a hung Parliament we'll replace your badge for free. "

BMW April Fools Day 2010 Political Roundel Attachment TagBMW April Fools Day ad 2010 - the Political Roundel Attachment Tag!
(click for larger image)

Readers are invited to call 0800 561 0080 or email to order a Political Roundel Attachment tag!

Another great April Fools Day ad from BMW!

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