Thursday, 1 April 2010

Google Animal Translate - April Fools Day 2010!

Google have announced the launch of Animal Translate claiming to bridge the gap between animals and humans - and it just so happens that the date is the 1st April!

Google Translate for animals Android application logoGoogle say 'making the world's information universally accessible is a key goal for Google. Language is one of our biggest challenges so we have targeted our efforts on removing language barriers between the species. We are excited to introduce Translate for Animals, an Android application which we hope will allow us to better understand our animal friends. We've always been a pet-friendly company at Google, and we hope that Translate for Animals encourages greater interaction and understanding between animal and human.'

Google Translate for animals Android application how to beginGoogle Translate for Animals Android Application - how to begin (click for larger image)

Google Translate For animals Android application select settingGoogle Translate for Animals Android Application - how to begin (click for larger image)

More on Animal Translate in the YouTube video here:

This is more than just an April Fools day ad creative. Google have created various different supporting material for Animal Translate including a tour, the YouTube supporting video and the app itself!

Happy April Fools Day!

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alex weetch said...

Good stunt. Can't watch the vid on my phone but I hope there is at least a spoof app to download.

Unknown said...

There is an app to download for Android. By the time I'd used my QR code scanner, downloaded it and downloaded some animal sounds - no pet. It wasn't until a meow translated to "Have you done something with your hair today" that it hit home! I hardly ever get suckered, but love new Google stuff!

globalroyalties said...

hmmm.. Can't wait to talk to animals..hahahaha

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