Tuesday, 27 April 2010

IKEA election site - leaders kitchens on show!

IKEA's contribution to the US Presidential election was building a mock up of the Oval Office. For the UK election IKEA have just launched a kitchen site that shows what the leaders kitchen layouts could look like!

The IKEA election site is called Domestic Policy from IKEA and highlights election kitchen designs inspired by our would be PMs (with items tagged with tongue in cheek / relevant descriptions.)

Brün is 'durable and for the economically conscious':

Gordon Brown IKEA kitchenIKEA Brün election kitchen showing 'Meedjaunite - enjoy your favourite reality TV show or Arctic Monkeys track'
(click for larger image)

is 'sleek and shiny - an immaculately presented kitchen':

David Cameron IKEA kitchenIKEA Kamerun election kitchen showing 'Landromen - clean up politics and hang corrupt party members out to dry'
(click for larger image)

Kleggi is 'this week's most popular kitchen':

Nick Clegg IKEA kitchenIKEA Kleggi election kitchen showing 'Negotiatabl - capable of extending at a moments notice to entertain unexpected guests'
(click for larger image)

A nice way of piggybacking all the news coverage whilst highlighting core offerings - it's a viral message grounded in the fact that IKEA do kitchens!

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