Tuesday, 6 April 2010

iPad - Will It Blend? New BlendTec video finds out......

Tom Dickson, founder of BlendTec, came to (YouTube) fame when using his company's BlendTec blenders to blend household items.

The first five videos reportedly cost a total of $50 to make (plus the cost of the things that were blended) and, helped by Digg links, they generated hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. The viral success of the Will It Blend videos delivered a demonstrable increase in sales as well as securing appearances for Tom Dickson on VH1, The Today Show and the Tonight Show (where Dickson blended a rake handle in front of a bemused Jay Leno.)

The film that really drew attention to Blendtec blenders though was the blending of a brand new iPhone in July 2007. The iPhone video was introduced with "everybody knows that the iPhone can make phone calls, play movies & music, surf the web, and a lot more. But, Will It Blend? That is the question":

With the success of this iPhone blending film (and the subsequent blending of an iPhone 3G) it was inevitable that the iPad would get the Blendtec treatment. Generating over 1million YouTube views in less than a day - here is the answer to the question 'iPad - Will It Blend?':

As the video says, 'don't try this at home....'

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Dean said...

Thank you. I'm so sick of all the hype surrounding the iPad, I was delighted to see this video.

Rageinferno said...

hahahaha.... Good job on the blender... I guess the blender is more useful than the iPad...

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Unknown said...

I'm waiting for the blendtec not to work on something. How about a car tire? I'm so sick of people bitching about apple products. If you hate it so much, go get a kindle. Now there's a useful device?

Blendtec Review said...

Hello there,

Cool videos! Blendtec rules!

vitamix vs blendtec said...

When will we get an ipad taste test going once they have been blended? Surely they taste different in the vitamix than they do in the blendtec?