Monday, 12 April 2010

UK election Search ads mashup - Conservatives, Labour, Ann Summers, Marmite and more

The UK election campaign has been running for a week and there have been a large number of Paid Search ads appearing on Google.

The dominant PPC advertiser is the Conservative Party who today unveiled their latest creative 'Read all 102 broken promises from Labour's 2005 manifesto' and, rather than pointing to the WebCameron YouTube channel as most of the previous ads have, the new Conservative PPC ad linked directly to a pdf document of all the Labour 'broken promises':

Labours broken promises UK election 2010Conservative Party pdf showing the '100 broken promises' from Labour's 2005 manifesto
(full pdf available here)

Labour have been running a fair amount of election PPC too, with ads even appearing on this blog:

Labour Google Content Network adLabour Google Content ad on this blog!

Little Paid Search from the Liberal Democrats so far (I have seen a small amount of Content Network activity but can't recall anything else), though a Search for Vince Cable does offer you the chance to buy his 'celebrity autograph' on Ebay or 'Cable Vince' on Amazon (!):

Vince Cable Ebay Amazon adsVince Cable on Ebay and Amazon

The Green Party are running a low volume of Search, one of the UKIP candidates is also using Google ads (on a local basis), but the remainder of the election related Search ads are from pressure groups and advertisers like Marmite and Ann Summers - whilst searching for 'Conservatives' still brings up a significant volume of ads for Conservatories!

Rather than detail all the election Search ads individually I have put them together in a single screen montage - I'll up date it as the election campaign goes on:

UK election Search ads PPC 2010Election Search ads mashup montage (click for larger image)

Interesting to see if this is tactical activity around campaign and manifesto launches or whether this will carry on until polling day.

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MadMenMedia said...

Hi Nick , just wondering is there are reason none of the political parties are bidding on the term "who should I vote for?" on Google? oppotunity missed I say