Monday, 10 May 2010

Adam Boulton loses it with Alastair Campbell - news presenter 'goes viral' as he attacks Labour spin doctor

Today Adam Boulton (Sky News Political anchor) 'lost it' live on air when interviewing Labour adviser / spin doctor Alastair Campbell - the drawn out negotiations to form the next UK government seem to be affecting news journalists too!

Reminiscent of the 'O'Reilly Flips Out' YouTube clip, the videos of the Boulton vs Campbell fight are all over YouTube and Twitter - Labour supporters remembering that it was Sky News who broke the 'bigoted woman' story and revelling in the Schadenfreude of this situation. The virality of the Sky News interview is further fuelled by the fact that many thought that the only logical denouement to Adam Boulton shouting 'Don't Tell Me What I Think!' would have been punches.........

Longer versions available on YouTube - so who's going to be first to remix it?


He's a Trending Topic on Twitter too:

Adam Boulton Twitter Trending Topic

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