Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Facebook Privacy settings infographic

With all the talk about Facebook Privacy and Facebook Privacy settings, the New York Times has put together an infographic showing the 50 different settings and the 170 different options that users are now faced with if they want to alter their Facebook privacy settings:

New York Times Facebook privacy infographic

Further more the NYT note that Facebook's privacy policy now stands at 5,830 words compared to the 384 words used in the Flickr privacy policy and the 1,203 words that make up the Twitter privacy policy.

It's obvious that Facebook want to open up the content within their network, but there is serious potential to alienate users with the moves they are making. People (including me) are getting upset with the constant tinkering and changes. Facebook holds the details of people's lives - and 400 million users is a huge user base. However, if people lose trust in Facebook then problems are being stored up for the future...........

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