Tuesday, 25 May 2010

'Mukhtar's Birthday' Bus Driver viral - (Mukhtars Fødselsdag - Bedre Bustur)

A film created by Danish transport organisations Arriva and Movia as part of their 'Jeg vil ha' en bedre bustur' ('I want a better bus ride') campaign has gone viral on YouTube.

The 'Better Bus ride' campaign started on line 150S and 173E in June 2008 and since the campaign began Movia / Arriva claim that passenger numbers have increased by 21%. The campaign is now being extended to include new lines 3A, 4A and 350S.

The Better Bus ride campaign has focussed around improving the service and making the bus a more desirable travel option. Over the last 2 years passengers have been asked for feedback / suggestions and many of these have been implemented.

For example:

- In response to a SMS from Thomas that asked for more entertainment on the journey, screens were added to the 3A and 4A lines with sound accessible through FM radio or mobile phone.

- Via the website Kristina asked for more information about the places that the bus passed every day and in response route guides for each bus line have been published in the weekly magazine

- The 'Better Bus Ride' campaign has also included drivers. Each week a top 10 drivers list is published detailing those that have driven in the most environmentally friendly fashion (saving fuel, helping the planet and delivering a smoother / nicer journey.) Winning drivers are rewarded and highlighted on the website - again all in response to a passenger suggestion.

And, for a week at the beginning of May, Movia and Arriva created 'Love Week', a week where a Love Seat was introduced to each of the 103 buses on 5 routes and both passengers and drivers were invited to do nice things. 21 driver birthday's were celebrated and on May 5th one of the drivers, Mukhtar, was persuaded by a friend not to take a day off for his 41st birthday. Here's what happened......

This a great example of Listening to your customers and adapting your 'product' to better suit their needs.

This is a great example of how happy staff create happy customers.

This is a great example of how good news and joy is something that people will share.

......London Underground please note the above!

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