Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Pacha / Ibiza Augmented Reality iPhone App

Pacha are bringing Augmented Reality to Ibiza in 2010! Ibiza opening parties will start to happen in a few weeks time and legendary club Pacha is about to launch a new iPhone app featuring an Augmented Reality VIP guide to Ibiza.

Pacha claim that the app will be 'loaded with exclusive content written by true Ibiza veterans, Ibiza island goers will be able to use the app to find out what is happening in every club in real time, and then be guided to the next beach party using Augmented Reality. Literally hundreds of Ibiza's best kept secrets and must do's are included.'

Essentially the app aims to act as a real-time guidebook, with people using their phones to navigate the island and locate 'the places to be' as put forward by Pacha. No screenshots or news on how this will work with roaming charges yet, but another demonstration of how brands can be 'useful' and how phones have become much more than just communication devices.

......and it could be even better if it had some sort of check-in functionality that enabled users to see where there friends are at any moment in time!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a bit much for this little purpose,
all you need for Ibiza is "Ibiza Pearls"

- events for lovers, residents and tourists
- offline maps
- 6 languages