Thursday, 13 May 2010

Twitter Facts and Figures - latest Twitter statistics users, countries, demographics, timelines etc

It has been notoriously hard to find facts and figures on Twitter and difficult to gain insight into Twitter demographics and usage figures. However, have put together this handy infographic with all the Twitter statistics you could ever wish for!

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jaime menor said...

Wow amazing! the world is really shrinking, people from all part of the world can easily communicate!! Imagine 6,767,805,208 internet user as of 2009 showed how people change their habit in life via internet..

Anonymous said...

Seriously dude - you got all this info from and you could not even give them a link?

Nick Burcher said...

I couldn't find a page on their site that hosted this graphic, so I just wrote their address as it was written on the graphic. However you make a fair point and I have now linked to their homepage in the post.

Unknown said...

I need to site the info you posted about Twitter demographic. You said it was from, but I cannot find a way to get the Twitter info without joining that site.

Is there a way you would site that info for a doctoral dissertation, other than just your blog, as that isn't an acceptable source. Any of your hel would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick, do you have info or links to the top10/15 languages used on twitter?