Thursday, 6 May 2010

UK election homepages - Google, Bing, Facebook and YouTube

The UK goes to the polls today to vote in the 2010 General Election and some of the major websites have amended their logos / homepages to recognise it.

1) Google election doodle

Google users in the UK see an election Google Doodle today, with the door of 10 Downing Street incorporated into the Google logo.
Google doodle logo UK election 2010Google Doodle for UK election

2) Bing homepage election image

The background image on the Bing UK homepage features the UK election by showing a voting booth at a polling station

Bing UK election homepage Bing UK election homepage image

3) Facebook voting notification

Facebook users in the UK are shown a Voting Application on their personal homepage that encourages users to declare that they have voted and keeps a running count of all Facebook users.

Facebook UK election voting appFacebook 'I've voted' application

4) YouTube Conservatives Home Page ad

YouTube haven't redesigned anything, but the Conservatives have bought a video ad placement on the YouTube homepage in the UK today.

UK election Conservatives YouTube homepage adConservatives YouTube homepage ad (click for larger image)

All a bit more subtle than the Sun newspaper's front page, which today shows David Cameron morphed into a Shepard Fairey / Obama 'Change' image - but it's going to be an interesting day!

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