Wednesday, 5 May 2010

UK election virals - last day of campaigning and it's time for the YouTube films!

Today is the last day of campaigning in the UK election. With no TV advertising permitted, all 3 parties have released online videos to help their final push.

The Conservatives have made a 10 minute anti-Labour epic that features broken promises, sleaze, spin doctors, stealth taxes, dirty hospitals, failing schools, binge drinking, increasing child poverty, boom and bust, the Millennium Dome, wasteful spending, 'bigoted woman' Gillian Duffy and more:

The Labour Party have released a video with a range of celebrities declaring their support - Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth), Leonard Fenton (?), Prunella Scales, Tony Robinson, Peter Guinness and Roberta Taylor:

The Liberal Democrats have a simple film with Nick Clegg telling people that this is their 'opportunity to shape this election' - 'get engaged, get stuck in, vote. Love democracy, hate apathy' (interestingly he doesn't tell anyone who to vote for):

*However, the LibDems do have a web page here detailing all the famous people who are supporting them - John Cleese, Colin Firth, Bianca Jagger, Richard Dawkins, Harry Potter, Armando Iannucci and more.

So have you made your mind up yet? Have these films made any difference?

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