Wednesday, 23 June 2010

3D! The new ZenithOptimedia Moxie Trendspotting video - June 2010

The latest ZenithOptimedia Moxie Interactive Trendspotting video is on 3D.

Nicola Smith, Emily Knab, Nicholas Tay, Javier De La Cruz, Simeon Spearman (and me!) are your guides as ZenithOptimedia Moxie look across the world at the latest developments in 3D - from 3D opera to 3D bullfighting, it's all here in our June Trendspotting video!

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1 comment:

Pablo Edwards said...

I know that there is a huge, new world opening up to 3D, but I was unaware of how global this phenomenon has become. I love it, now if we can just get away from the glasses...