Tuesday, 15 June 2010

'Search on Facebook' - Stella Artois CO2 Soiree ad pushes to Facebook Search

Stella Artois have run a 4 page coverwrap of Metro newspaper in the UK this morning promoting 'Le CO2eux Soiree - Le Eco Chic TV Show' - however, instead of promoting a web page or listing a Facebook Fan Page address, the Stella CO2 Soiree ad tells readers to 'search for 'CO2 soiree' on Facebook.'

Stella Artois Metro CO2 Soiree FacebookStella Artois CO2 Soiree Metro newspaper front page
Metro Stella Artois CO2 Soiree Facebook IFCStella Artois CO2 Soiree Metro newspaper Inside Front Cover

Metro Stella Artois Facebook CO2 Soiree IBCStella Artois CO2 Soiree Metro Inside Back Cover

Metro Facebook CO2 Soiree Stella Artois Facebook IBCStella Artois CO2 Soiree Metro back cover

Metro Stella Artois Facebook Search CO2 SoireeStella Artois CO2 Soiree 'Search on Facebook'

Could this 'Search on Facebook' be the next internet call to action to be displayed on traditional advertising?

- First, we saw 'AOL keywords' featured on movie posters at the start of the internet revolution:

AOL Keyword Swordfish movie poster
- Then we saw brands like Pontiac in the US using TV ads to tell people to 'Google Pontiac' and 'Search Boxes' that showed people what to type into Search Engines became ubiquitous on Japanese traditional advertising:

- More recently we have seen brands promoting Facebook web addresses:

- Now we have a brand using newspaper advertising to tell people what to search on Facebook!

...and the Stella content being served up on the Facebook page is based on retro looking videos to promote the 'new lightweight bottle':

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1 comment:

Danny E said...

Mmmm... nice idea.

Executional F&*k up. Not only can I not find this when I search in FB, when I search google it does index the page but then the page seems to have disappeared - it clicks staight through to the Facebook main page.