Monday, 14 June 2010

UGC pictorial match report from England v USA

The journalists and professional publishers have devoted endless column inches to discussion of the England v USA World Cup match. Meanwhile, one internet user captured all the post-match sentiment in a simple picture:

Another illustration of why the professional journalists are under threat from user generated content - who needs to read thousands of words and watch endless TV analysis when one picture can capture the relative moods so succinctly?! (And with 2234 Diggs this England v USA pictorial match report has a good audience too........)

[*Note there have been no actual riots or fires in England as a result of the England v USA World Cup match]

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Ed Lee said...

hey nick - great post as always but wondering if it is entirely accurate given the front page of the New York Post over the weekend?

Nick Burcher said...

I didn't notice the small print under the title of the graphic - I do like the NY Post headline though!