Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wimbledon 2010 IBM Seer Augmented Reality application for Android and iPhone

England are out of the World Cup, so my attention now turns to tennis and for Wimbledon 2010 IBM have unveiled further enhancements to the IBM Seer Augmented Reality mobile application that they launched at Wimbledon 2009.
In 2009 the IBM Seer augmented reality application was created for both iPhone and Android. The principle was that Wimbledon visitors could start the application, hold up their phone and get live data updates from various points of interest around the venue.

This year IBM thought it would be ‘really cool if instead of just reading about live things as they happen, you could see them too.’ For example pointing your phone in the direction of a court allows users to watch live video from that court on their phone - effectively IBM Seer 2010 lets Wimbledon attendees see through walls! There are also live video feeds to areas such as Henman Hill and IBM Seer users can listen to Radio Wimbledon too.

IBM Seer 2010 continues the tradition of IBM creating innovative Wimbledon technology and is a great example of how, through Augmented Reality / real time data based applications, mobile phones continue to make everyday life more interesting!

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