Tuesday, 27 July 2010

BBC 1948 Olympics archive opened online

Just 2 years to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympics! There is a whole host of activity going on at the official London 2012 websites and the BBC have opened a 1948 Olympics archive online aggregating a large range of BBC archive content from the last London Olympics.

BBC 1948 Olympics archive
BBC 1948 Olympics archive home page

The BBC 1948 Olympics archive includes photos and TV coverage from the 1948 games. There is some great footage and I particularly enjoyed this video piece, with the BBC showing off the latest technology for outside broadcasting:

BBC don't allow video embedding, so CLICK HERE for the film - things have moved on a bit in the last 62 years!

The BBC 1948 Olympics archive also contains scans of editorial from the Radio Times magazine, which again give interesting insight - particularly the final paragraph with the Radio Times worrying that viewers who watch all three and a half of hours of daily broadcast will be 'easily recognised in the streets of London by their pallid appearance!':

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