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Facebook usage statistics by country - July 2010 compared to July 2009 and July 2008

Latest Facebook usage statistics by country - 31st Dec 2011 here

I have been publishing Facebook usage statistics by quarter for a while and now have enough data to be able to look at 12 month growth in Facebook users by country and 24 month growth in Facebook users by country. Total number of Facebook users has now passed 400m and Facebook is growing everywhere - maybe why Google is (allegedly) still looking closely at social networking and regarding Facebook with envious eyes?

The table below shows the top 30 countries by number of active Facebook users with July 2010 Facebook user information compared to 2009 and 2008 Facebook usage statistics (leave a comment if you want to know statistics for other countries.)

Here are the Top 30 countries with highest number of Facebook users (1st July 2010 - data from Facebook):

RankCountryNumber of Facebook users 1st July 2008Number of Facebook users 1st July 2009Number of Facebook users 1st July 201012 month growth %24 month growth %
25Hong Kong837,9002,087,5803,408,24063.3%306.7%
27South Africa878,1201,720,8202,884,08067.6%228.4%
30Czech Rep51,6801,088,0202,686,040146.9%5097.5%

[*figures are taken from Facebook and then compared to Facebook usage statistics lists that I have previously compiled (allowing the 12 month and 24 month comparisons.)]

As always, if you want to know the latest Facebook usage statistics for another country (and data is now published for almost every country in the world), leave a comment in the post below and I will post the relevant Facebook user statistics data.


Vladhnews said...

I would be glad to find out about the users number in Romania

Archie said...


Christian Hughes said...

Hey Nick

Ireland would be awesome.

cheers :)

Nick Burcher said...

Romania - now 1,555,360 (+574.5% on July 2009)

Estonia - 227,420 (+303.5% on July 2009)

Hi Christian! Ireland now 1,597,000 (+83.4% on July 2009 - maybe something to do with the demise of Bebo?)

Anonymous said...

Do you ahve data for Pakistan from 2008, 2009 and 2010?

Kevin Neary said...

Hi Nick.

Really useful information. Would love to see stats on Ireland.

Xeko said...

I reckon Vietnam may have around 1 million facebookers

rotimi said...

I would like to know the facebook stats for Nigeria. I mean the number of users from Nigeria

Anonymous said...

Please give me the figures for 2009/2010 (groth rates) for Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Ukraine

Tom said...

Hi Nick - great post and data! Could you elaborate on how you compiled these counts (ie, what is the methodology when you say "from facebook")? Thanks!


Amy said...

Hi~Nick, great data!! may i have the users number in some Arab countries?such as UAE(United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. thank you.:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your site! I've compared some of the statistics for users by age-group in Australia to the official Bureau of Statistics census data. You might be interested to know that a considerable number of FB users lie about their age!

Nick Burcher said...

Facebook make statistics available on number of Active Users at any given time. I collate these statistics and then compare movements on a quarterly basis.

Nick Burcher said...

Nigeria - 1,616,120 Facebook users on 1st July 2010

Vietnam - 1,019,120 Facebook users on 1st July 2010

Nick Burcher said...

Austria - 2,084,840 +186% on 2009
Slovakia - 1,481,000 +152% on 2009
Hungary - 1,455,840 +413% on 2009
Croatia - 1,192,160 + 71.6% on 2009
Serbia - 2,064,220 +123% on 2009
Ukraine - 425,680 +236% on 2009

All figures correct at 1st July 2010

Nick Burcher said...

UAE - 1,667,560 users
Saudi Arabia - 2,385,740 users
Kuwait - 518,540 users
Syria - not reported
Jordan - 923,400
Lebanon - 962,440

Bart said...

Hi Nick, can you provide me with the statistics of Slovenia?

Yacoub Al-Slaise said...

These stats are excellent!
I would love to know for my research the numbers of the following countries:

With many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, thanks for these; they're very interesting. Was hoping for your help with one clarification about this data. For a given country, is this the number of users who self-report their current city or country as being "in Lebanon" (or wherever), or is it based on where their IP address is registered? Or something else?

Shaon said...

can give me the data's as like the table for Bangladesh..Please...

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to get this data in a downloadable format. I'd like to compare the usage to population. Looks like the US and Canada are approaching 50%. That's pretty amazing.

ethio-Zagol said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick

Do you know the gender and age split for facebook users in Nigeria. I need the stats for my Masters dissertation.


Nick Burcher said...

Ethiopia - 130,320
Uganda - 168,720
Rwanda - 44,340
Bangladesh - 854,520
Slovenia - 582,000

Stats are from Facebook and as reported today.

Nick Burcher said...

-Japan - 1,192,220
-Algeria - 928,100
-Bahrain - 226,480
-Iraq - 225,600
-Palestine - 84,240
-Morocco - 1,849,740
-Tunisia - 1,594,700
-Libya - 156,240
-Mauritania - 29,600
-Oman - 157,440
-Qatar - 396,860
-Sudan - no data
-Somalia - no data

All stats from Facebook and correct today.

caitlin said...

can you find these out about any other websites such as twitter, youtube etc? cant find stats anywher


Anonymous said...

How about Japan?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, could you provide the number of users for Singapore 09 vs 10 please. Thanks a million!

Kamal said...

Wow, nice statistics..

I would like to see stats for Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick,
I would like to know the number of users in Uruguay.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick,
I would like to know the number of users in Uruguay.

Russian Sphinx said...

what about Russia?
Do you have any data about Twitter users by country?
Thanks for interesting data!

Unknown said...

Hello Nick, your doing a great job!
can i pls hav the stats for Sri Lanka n is there anyway i can get the actual user stats for a particular page - like politician fan pages?

Jonathan Marks said...

any data out there for uzbekistan?

Unknown said...

Hi Nick,

Any data on the unique Facebook users in the Philippines? The 14.6M contains a significant number of multiple accounts from the same person. Also, do you have stats on the average time spent on Facebook?

Merrolee said...

New Zealand (unless I missed it?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick
Great to have this list.
Do you have anything on Norway?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

This is extremely useful material. Grateful if you could update us on the number of users from Mauritius.

Many thanks.


Christina said...

Great increase, Very useful data. do you think it's really a great venue for ads promotion? Do you have a statistics on user activities per country as well. Thanks.

me said...

Nice data!

Do you also have data from the Netherlands july 2009 vs july 2010?


Arch said...

Fantabulous list. Just want some clarity: How is "active" defined?

MarkBiwwa said...

It would be great if I could get Facebook user stats for Malta. The country was mentioned in this post:, but not on the latest ones. Many thanks!

charliesaidthat said...

Hi Nick - I would be really interested to see the following stats. Thanks for compiling them in such an organised manner. :D

Northern Ireland

Mel said...

Hi Nick! Do you have the stats for Singapore? Thank you~

Jen said...

Hi Nick! I'm interested to know how the number of Facebook users in the Philippines grew on a monthly basis since 2008. Do you have the numbers from Jan 2008 to present, monthly? Thanks!

Nick Burcher said...

I don't have data by month on the Phillippines unfortunately

Nick Burcher said...

Singapore Facebook users

1st Jul 09 - 1,384,760
1st Jul 10 - 2,226,580

Nick Burcher said...

Norway - 2,291,720
Denmark - 2,527,000
Portugal - 2,494,540
Switzerland - 2,234,380
Holland / Netherlands - 2,644,640 (1,061,480 in Jul 09)
Belgium - 3,505,920
Finland - 1,793,300
Ireland - 1,597,000
Northern Ireland - not split out from UK

Data as at 1st Jul 2010

Nick Burcher said...

Malta - 163,660
Mauritius - 203,700
New Zealand - 1,650,040
Russia - 1,244,280
Uruguay - 834,900
Sri Lanka - 587,980
Japan - 1,192,220

Data as at 1st Jul 2010

Nick Burcher said...

Facebook have just started publishing data on Uzbekistan

On 15th Aug 2010 they show 26,840 active Facebook users in Uzbekistan.

Anonymous said...

Any data on Suriname?

Unknown said...

Would you please publish the active and non active users of August 2010 in all Asian countries. Please also add Russian, Chinies, Europian and American.
This is for my researd work.
Thanks in advace.

Manuel Guerrero said...

Hi Nick, would you please post Central America numbers... tks

nong darko said...

Please some data info on Moldova.thank you.

Mareks Matisons said...

It would be excelent see some data about Latvia., I think there is a improvement sin numbers since last year.. :)

Kunal said...

A comprehensive set of New Zealand Facebook data is available here presented in a nice infographic:

Unknown said...

Hi Nick, Do you have stats for Aug 2010? If not, how about New Zealand stats for FB?
Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Could you please show the stats for Australia? Need it for an assignment.

Thanks in advance - your info has been so helpful!


Rogér said...

Hi nick could you post data about Suriname.

Anonymous said...

Nick, can you find the data for the lowest countries by facebook usage. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Could you please provide us the source where you get this data from?

We want to confirm that this chart is from a valid source and the data is legitimate.



Nick Burcher said...

Latest Facebook figures for September 2010 now posted here:

Facebook usage statistics by country September 2010

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, what stats do you have for FB in Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana, Tanzania and Namibia?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good day Nick! Do you have the breakdown by age bracket for the number of Facebook users worldwide?

Also, do you have any breakdown for every year, region, age group, etc. regarding Facebook users in the Philippines? Just for an academic requirement. Thanks a lot!:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Do you have the statistic of singapore from 2008, 2009, 2010.


VladaHolan said...

Hi Nick, thank you for this great stats! Could I ask you for data on following countries? I will also appriciate very much data of 2009 (to comparison and counting of growth):


Nicholas said...

Hi! Can I know the statistics for Singapore? That would be lovely!

Anonymous said...

statistics for NEPAL? thank u Nick you are very helpful :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, where can I collect the data for myself? WHAT IS YOUR SOURCE? Can you please post a link to where you are getting the data. Otherwise I cannot trust it.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

can i have facebook users for zimbabwe

Remya said...

can u give me the number of fb users for small scale business people in UK?

Anonymous said...

It appears that facebook will soon become a default social networking site in every country, leaving behind the good old myspace and friendster.

news today said...

It is very possible that Facebook will soon have a 1 billion membership.

Unknown said...

Hi Nick -- Would love to know the full stats on LatAm countries not listed so... Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Dom Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama and Aruba. Thanks!

Maria said...

Do you have any Fb-statistics on Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Cook Islands? It's for my thesis so I'd also very much like to know where these numbers come from.. Thanks very much!

JFCorrea said...

Mr Burcher:

Do you have the data to Costa Rica for each year of your post.

I need a historical or yearly data from Costa Rica user to a University Investigation. My email is



Sorry about my bad english

Anonymous said...


Could you please post the link to the direct source on Facebook of these statistics? I can't find them on Facebook myself.


Anonymous said...

Hi, is there any way to get data of facebook users by country (as you did) in different years (from 2004 up until now)? I am doing some researches on fecebook users and this info is really important. you can write me in private if you want (

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, Awesome Stats. do you perhaps do Africa specific for Facebook? South Africa in Particular. I would be eternally grateful

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you tell me where you found this info on Facebook? I need it for a work presentation myself. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Is iceland still number 1 per population usage ?

kind regards from iceland

david246612 said...

what about china pal

Alban said...

Hi, may I have the number of FCB users of Albania? Thanks

Anonymous said...

China (hong Kong)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

How many facebook users are there in Zimbabwe and what's the demographic?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Still on Zimbabwe. Do you have the projected growth?

Echo said...

I am working on a research paper dealing with social media (particularly facebook and twitter) and political openness. Would you consider sharing your data with me? Or how you have been able to get this much data? I only have 2011 data, but it would be fantastic to have anything as far back as you have. You can email me at THANKS!!!

Nick B said...

Latest Facebook statistics by country 31st Dec 2011 here