Monday, 5 July 2010

Jesus in Google Earth - today's news was also the news in April, in the same paper!

Today sees the Sun (and subsequently a number of other news sites and publications) reporting that 'internet fan Zach Evans told yesterday how he found Jesus - On Google Earth.' The 26-year old (apparently) 'recognised Christ's image as he trawled the map site looking for holiday destinations.'

The Sun Google Earth Jesus July 2010The Sun reports that Jesus has been found in Google Earth - July 2010

However, back in April the Sun ran effectively the same Jesus Google Earth story after blogs had started reporting that Jesus had been found (in the same field) on Google Earth in Hungary.

The Sun Google Earth Jesus April 2010The Sun reports that Jesus has been found in Google Earth - April 2010

The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph websites are amongst a number of publications who have (re-)published the Jesus / Google Earth story since it appeared in the Sun today.

Very strange that the Jesus in Google Earth story from April effectively becomes news again today (in the same paper)! Is this just a bizarre coincidence or is Zach Evans better at Searching the internet than the UK's national newspaper writers?

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Stefan said...

The second link is wrong. It is the same as the first link.

Nick Burcher said...

Good spot - changed now! Thanks.

Carol L. Weinfeld said...

It appears that Zach Evans searches the Internet better than some of the UK's national newspaper writers.

His story is interesting for its intersection of religion and technology.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks like fiddy cent