Thursday, 1 July 2010

NBA Store and I Love Brands using their window displays to promote their Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare accounts

As social media becomes more integrated with real world physical locations, shops and businesses are starting to use their window displays to promote their social presences. Mobile phone retailers have been doing this for a while but other categories are starting to join in.

Earlier this year I saw the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue (New York) using their store window to promote their Twitter and Facebook accounts:

NBA Store Fifth Avenue New York City shop window stickerNBA Store Fifth Avenue Twitter / Facebook shop window (click for larger image - apologies about reflection!)

This idea appears to have spread to London now with 'I Love Brands' on London's Oxford Street using a huge shop window sticker to promote their Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare accounts:

Foursquare Twitter Facebook Shop Window sticker
I Love Brands - FourSquare, Twitter and Facebook shop window sticker
(click for larger image)

As we see start to see more and more ads including social addresses, surely it can't be long before everyone is visibly highlighting the details of their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc presences at their physical locations?

Google found success with distributing Google Maps stickers like this:

Google Maps shop window sticker
Google Maps UK shop window sticker (click for larger image)

and (according to Mashable) Facebook have recently started sending out decals to shops and businesses too, showing an example of a letter and decal that Facebook sent to the Museum of Making Music:

Stand by for the real world to be taken over by social media too!

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1 comment:

Lauren Fisher said...

Great post - this is the first I've heard of the Facebook 'decals' being sent out to businesses and sounds like a great initiative. I live in Dublin and am seeing more and more businesses doing this over here, particularly smaller ones. I'd say you need to give people a reason to find you online though. Rather than just a big 'we're on Facebook', maybe telling people what they can find on there - discounts, product exclusives etc.. would encourage more of a drive through online