Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Brian Blessed SatNav - TomTom new voice thanks to Facebook campaign!

TomTom have recently been adding options for TomTom SatNav users to have celebrity voices directing them - the Simpsons, Mr.T and even Star Wars characters like Darth Vader giving directions. A group of British fans weren't content with this though and launched a Facebook Group called 'Campaign to get Brian Blessed to do a voiceover for my sat nav.'

Brian Blessed is the legendary, loud, shouty thespian who has appeared in, amongst other things, Flash Gordon. Group contributors wanted well known Brian Blessed catchphrases to be adapted to suit the SatNav concept, 'Drive, Hawkmen, Drive', 'Gordon's arrived' and so on.

The campaign appears to have started off slowly in the second half of 2007, picking up interest via the occasional radio plug and then started to build up momentum earlier this year after the B3TA board got involved (not the first time we've seen their power!) Blessed himself embraced the idea and in May even helped make a (low budget) mock up film to show what a good idea a Brian Blessed Sat Nav would be (cameo appearance at the end):

The Brian Blessed SatNav Group continued to gain members and TomTom were Listening. They told the group's founders that if they hit 25,000 members then the Brian Blessed Sat Nav would become a reality. After reaching the 25,000 member target, TomTom have made it happen and as you can see Brian Blessed is quite excited!

A nice example of social media users providing ideas for product (there are a lot of suggestions on the wall of the Group), and then having them embraced, first by the actor in question and then by the company who had the power to make it a reality.

Well done Group founders, well done Brian Blessed and well done TomTom!

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