Friday, 6 August 2010

FourSquare - 28% growth in the last month and now 6.5 times larger than GoWalla

The number of FourSquare users has increased significantly in the last month, showing an increase of 28.5% in the number of FourSquare users according to RJ Metrics.

Foursquare total number of usersRJ Metrics graph showing number of FourSquare users over the last month

- Total number of FourSquare users: 2,540,800

- Daily increase in number of FourSquare users in last month: 15,188 on 8th July (low), 29,189 on 13th July (high)

- Total number of FourSquare venues (estimated): 6,100,000

The same RJ Metrics data set also shows rival location based service GoWalla's total number of users increasing - but at a slower rate of 13.8% growth.

GoWalla total number of usersRJ Metrics graph showing number of GoWalla users over the last month

- Total number of GoWalla users: 390,800

- Daily increase in number of GoWalla users in last month: 1,244 on 21st July (low), 2,104 on 23rd July (high)

- Total number of GoWalla venues (estimated): 1,566,900

RJ Metrics data is produced using a large random sample drawn from the FourSquare and GoWalla APIs. They explain their full methodology in a post on TechCrunch last month here and give some other statistics too.

FourSquare is winning the battle against GoWalla, but, even with 28.5% growth, a user base of 2.5m is still small compared to Facebook's 500m! However, the combination of mobile+GPS+social networking is proving popular with users. A number of other players are also springing up in this space (we reviewed a range of them in our ZenithOptimedia Moxie trends video in May) and 'Location' is going to continue to be a key feature in the evolution of mobile.

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Unknown said...

Great data! Thanks. I'm a new subscriber. Please see my whitepaper on location-based marketing:

Nick Burcher said...

I'll have a look - nice to hear from you! Nick

Mark Fidelman said...

Good stuff. Do you have similar information for BrightKite, Loopt or Yelp?