Monday, 2 August 2010

JC Penney Augmented Reality 'virtual dressing room' with built in e-commerce and Facebook sharing too!

JC Penney have partnered with Hearst's to produce a very cool Augmented Reality 'virtual dressing room!'

The 'virtual dressing room' uses Augmented Reality technology from Metaio, but now shoppers do not need to print out a symbol on a piece of paper or upload a still image - the fitting of the clothing happens automatically and within the live-video stream. Motion capture technology then enables the user to scroll through the JC Penney catalogue and try on different outfits simply by pointing at the screen.

Once a user has found something they like, the virtual dressing room application can be used to share a photo on email / Facebook or go directly to the relevant e-commerce page on the JC Penney website.

Here's a video to show how the virtual dressing room works:

JC Penney / Augmented Reality virtual dressing room demo

Try the virtual dressing room for yourself at

There was a lot of hype around AR last year and it then seemed to die down, but markerless AR is way better than the previous efforts that involved printing out strange symbols - and the ability to link directly to an e-commerce page means the hype around AR may be just about to kick in again!

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